28 April 2016

Member Focus – Compac Industries

Compac Industries joined WLPGA in January 2016 and is a welcome new member.

Compac has been operating in the worldwide NGV industry for more than 30 years.  Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the manufacturing facility designs and assembles a range of refuelling products: from liquid and gas dispensers and dispenser technology kits through to fuel management systems.

The recent development of Compac’s new LPG dispenser model and LPG meter adds another dimension to the product options. Based on their experience with traditional PD meters used in LPG & CNG dispensers, the new model dispenser is unique to the market because of the meter and the technology used. The specifically designed electronics and Compac’s own coriolis mass flow meter simplifies the dispenser’s internal arrangement and reduces the number of components. The development in technology also leads to increased accuracy and security with a decrease in maintenance costs while lowering the overall dispenser cost.

Compac’s fuel management systems compliment the dispensers. The DCA is ideally suited to most site setups and allows for authorisation and management of unattended refuelling. Vehicles can refuel, with the DCA authorising access (using card, tag or PIN), while recording the transaction for viewing online or directly from the unit as required.

Compac also provides a Help Desk service for those needing assistance with anything related to the operation of Compac products. Their products have achieved electrical and weights and measures certifications in many countries with Compac distributors located around the world.

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