02 November 2015

LPG, One of Us

LPG is an extraordinary energy source which is more part of our daily lives than we think: cooking, heating and hot water production are just some of the many things that this fuel may be used for. To increase awareness of them, Assogasliquidi, the Italian LPG Association, has launched the LPG, one of us campaign on Google Search, YouTube and Facebook until mid-December.

The aim is to promote four animated videos made using very simple, straightforward language. The first three videos are devoted to the uses of LPG: LPG in motor vehicles, LPG in the home and LPG for other purposes. The third one illustrates the lesser-known applications of the fuel, such as LPG barbecues, LPG lawn mowers and gas-powered boats. The fourth video tells the history of LPG from its origins to today and describes the daily activities Assogasliquidi carries out to support the industry.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness of this exceptional energy source, which is still not sufficiently well known in Italy, even though it is essential for the everyday lives of more than seven million families. A Gfk Eurisko survey in 2011 showed that 45% of the interviewees (1700 people including users and non-users) were not sufficiently aware of the ecological properties of LPG and its enormous versatility. A national competition called "a day with LPG" was promoted in February 2012 as a follow-up to the survey. It was aimed at young people and was well received (seventy entries throughout Italy). Assogasliquidi has now decided to exploit the Internet to engage, educate and inspire the many users that deal with LPG and would like to get to know it better. The main objective is to inform the general public of the social role LPG plays, which makes it essential in the several areas of Italy not reached by methane owing to the geographical conformation of the land. It is suffice to consider that the whole of Sardinia is supplied with LPG only!


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