21 January 2021

LPG as a Marine Fuel: A Pathway to Decarbonisation

According to Seaways The International Journal of The Nautical Institute, in 2018, International Maritime Organization (IMO) committed to reduce the shipping industry’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 by at least 50% from levels in 2008, and to reduce CO2 emissions from transport work by at least 40% by 2030.

Retaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations goes alongside the urgent need to reduce carbon footprint. There are several fuels and technologies on the horizon offering promising solutions to this challenge, but the shipping industry is also in need of an immediate, practical solution that requires relatively low investment. Fuels such as LPG offer a way to react to the urgent need today to reduce emissions and lower the industry’s impact on the environment.

Credit: Seaways The International Journal of The Nautical Institute

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