26 March 2013

LP Gas Academy

The WLPGA, together with Pertamina - Indonesia, are investigating the feasibility of developing an LP Gas Academy programme as a training initiative based in Jakarta.

Talks were held during February between Pak Hanung Budya - Director of Marketing and Trading, Pertamina and David Tyler - Director, WLPGA to explore the feasibility of establishing a LP Gas Academy where the fundamentals of all aspects of the LP Gas business to staff, operatives and other personnel. The option being studied is to establish a syllabus within the Pertamina Learning Centre as part of the newly established Pertamina Corporate University.

There are three programmes currently being piloted, all with the support of the Bandung University and the University of Auckland (New Zealand):

  • Upstream – Reservoir engineering
  • Refinery – Reliability/Maintenance
  • Marketing/Trading – Industrial and Marine business sales

It is proposed to include a fourth programme to cover LP Gas which will be called the LP Gas Academy.

The idea has since been supported by the President of Pertamina and further talks are planned in April to develop a syllabus and business model.

The plan is to initially target Pertamina staff and then later to open the programme up to regional personnel who may be interested. The Pertamina Learning Centre is located adjacent to the CBD of Jakarta and has extensive facilities including indoor and outdoor sports stadiums and an Olympic size swimming pool. The campus has accommodation facilities with over 200 rooms and is well positioned to provide a residential training programme for overseas delegates.

Restaurant - Small Training - Typical Accommodation

This initiative falls within the WLPGA mission statement of knowledge transfer and if successful in Asia could be replicated in other parts of the world. For more details of the initiative contact David Tyler on