20 July 2022

Liquid Gas UK Launches its Pathway to Net Zero

On the 5th July 2022, Liquid Gas UK launched its Pathway to Net Zero: Delivering our 2040 Vision to industry, political and media stakeholders at an event in Westminster, England. Building upon the success of Liquid Gas UK’s 2040 Vision, which laid out the ambition of the UK LPG Industry to be 100% renewable by 2040, the Pathway looks at the journey ahead for the sector and how it can play a critical role in achieving Net Zero in off-grid rural areas.

Alongside showcasing the importance of the LPG market in the UK and the immediate benefit switching to LPG brings, this new pathway document also looks at the renewable offerings for the future, introducing renewable dimethyl ether (rDME), and re-emphasising the role of bioLPG.

In addition to outlining the key role for these fuels in domestic, commercial and industrial applications through case studies and research, the document demonstrates a roadmap including successes to date and challenges to overcome, but ultimately showcasing that this is a journey.

On the evening of the launch, guests heard from an insightful panel of speakers including;

  • James Rockall, Managing Director and CEO – WLPGA
  • Jeff House, Head of External Affairs – Baxi
  • Steve Hallett, Operations Director – Dimeta
  • Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs – Liquid Gas UK
  • Matthew Hickin, CEO – Calor

The panel discussed the key role for renewable liquid gas solutions in the UK market, with new developments coming on-stream, such as the rDME plant at Teesworks producing 50,000 tonnes of renewable gas by 2024 or hybrid heat pump technologies, outlined by Baxi as an opportunity that should not be missed. There was consensus that the UK government must support a mixed technology approach to Net Zero, with a ‘one size fits all’ approach failing rural homes and businesses, and also that sharing best practice, across all countries is vital as collectively the industry transitions to the future.

For more information, view the 2040 Pathway here: