23 March 2021

Interview with Gadibolae Dihlabi, Managing Director, LPGSA

The WLPGA Voice recently had an online interview with the newly appointed Managing Director of the LPG Association of South Africa, Gadibolae Dihlabi. 

Please describe your career path, and what led to you becoming the new Managing Director of The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of South Africa (LPGSA)?

I have over 20 years of working experience in various industries, 15 of which have been spent in the petroleum industry. My experience is mostly in price risk management, regulatory compliance and strategy alignment, performance, and stakeholder management. It was at the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), where I was professionally introduced to LPG. My role as the Head of Economic Regulations, focused primarily on regulatory pricing for all petroleum products (LPG included) and industry transformation initiatives.

In 2020, the South African LPG industry commenced two projects: the doubling of LPG market in South Africa, and the review of LPG pricing. From SAPIA’s perspective I coordinated and lead the initiatives. I believe that it was my role in these projects and especially the achievements in the successful implementation of the new regulatory pricing policy that led to me being recognised and subsequently, being appointed the MD of LPGSA.


What are your ambitions for your new role, as well as the South African LPG industry?

The growth of LPG market in South Africa is very important to me as it will lead to access to a stable energy source for many areas in the country, but more especially, to rural areas. The added benefit will be the development of related industries (such as safe LPG installations, maintenance and appliance sales) which will directly and indirectly contribute to the economies of different communities.

In addition, I would like to see an inclusive and diverse LPG industry where women and young people play a leading role in the growth of the industry.


Please provide your insights on promoting women in the LPG industry, particularly how the LPG industry can assist in moving the diversity agenda forward and what you believe each individual can do to progress their own career path?

There is a saying in Isizulu that translates to the following “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”. Women are doers and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, and their strength cannot be denied. There is strength in creating a diverse and inclusive LPG industry with women participation being actively promoted.

To move towards the diversity agenda, we must have a clear intent towards this agenda and actively promote and direct opportunities in the LPG value chain towards women. WINLPG has over time showcased women in LPG sector and opportunities available to women. I would encourage women to research on these opportunities and actively pursue them to advance their own career paths.


How do you see the WLPGA assisting you in achieving your goals for the LPG industry in South Africa?

WLPGA has a wide range of member countries who have gone through the process of expanding the LPG market in their countries. I see this as an opportunity to learn and benefit from their experiences through the facilitation of the WLPGA.

In addition, the WLPGA is a custodian of best practices in the LPG industry globally and their guidance in these aspects will be valuable to the industry in South Africa as we embark in our expansion journey.


Hear the full interview of Gadibolae Dihlabi as a continuation of discussions from the WLPGA’s Global Communication Summit here: