19 December 2012

Interview with Bart Van Aerle, Managing Director, Prins Autogassystemen

Was 2012 a successful year for Prins Autogassystemen?
Bart Van Aerle:
2012 was an excellent year for Prins.  We rolled out our new technologies for alternative fuel systems around the world. We expect to have double digit growth figures, a similar growth to last year.
You won two awards on Automechanika in Germany last September. What does that mean to you?
It means a lot, both for me personally and also for Prins. Recognition from the industry for alternative fuel and especially for LP Gas is hugely important. Our winning product Direct LiquiMax proves that Autogas is a better fuel than petrol for direct injection engines. Is shows once again that LP Gas is an Exceptional Energy. To win two awards, for innovation and sustainability, at the biggest and most prestigious automotive show in the world, leaving many large, famous companies behind us is a fantastic achievement. It feels the same as the Dutch football team winning the World Cup!  
Also you have Mazda now as a customer. What did you do to win this very prestigious customer?
 values Quality and Technology. Also CO2 emission reduction was a key reason for Mazda to work with us. In 2012 we worked together on the Mazda2 BiFuel with our VSI-LPG system to lower the CO2 emission to ensure the car fell in the category of no BPM (purchase tax) and no road tax. In the Netherlands this is a very important step. WLPGA:
What other projects did you work on in 2012? BVA: 
In addition to rolling out Direct LiquiMax in various markets, we also rolled out our VSI-2.0 (a new release of our current VSI system based on Vapour Sequential Injection) and Dieselblend system for trucks. Our Dieselblend system blends diesel and LP Gas in a certain way so the performance and drivability are optimised and still CO2 and particle emissions are reduced drastically and fuel costs are also much lower. Especially in times of crisis, you see that people and also companies are increasingly careful on spending money on fuel costs. People and companies also of course also care about the environment. Prins is a company that develops high-tech alternative fuel systems which are suitable for vapour gas injection and also for liquid gas injection, for cars and also systems for trucks and buses. Prins is the only company in the world that can offer all technologies and can advise which technology suits best for the customer.                                            WLPGA:
We see Prins being increasingly effective in the market - what can we expect in the near future? BVA:
Prins is growing fast internationally and will expand its facilities in 2013, some OEM will introduce models with LP Gas.   We will also introduce more Dieselblend systems for trucks meeting Euro 5 & Euro 6 standards WLPGA
What are the main challenges that you face? BVA:
Clear and stable regulations are important for doing business. Especially for Dieselblend where we face the lack of regulations in many countries and that makes doing business difficult. We also need long-term political commitments on alternative fuel. We see that some countries are doing better than others to promote driving on LP Gas. The current status on Bio LP Gas makes it hard to win the market and to give LP Gas a sustainable road map. WLPGA
What value does Prins see in their membership of WLPGA? BVA:
WLPGA is very important for driving the LP Gas market and also for Prins as the Association brings people together with the same interests and goal. It is great to share knowledge and contacts. The Exceptional Energy brand is a basis for profiling and positioning. Our marketing team will be working together with WLPGA on this in 2013.

For more information contact:  Angelique Berden
Marketing Manager