03 February 2021

How Fossil Fuels are Saving Lives in Developing Countries

James Rockall, CEO and Managing Director of the WLPGA, was recently interviewed by Forbes in a two-part article. Where he had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of clean-burning LPG for cooking in displacing biomass, particularly in the developing world.


James Rockall said, “Every year, almost four million people die from household air pollution, which is mostly coming from cooking. And if you just put that into context, we had two million people die in the world last year from COVID-19. There are more people who die from household air pollution than the total who die from HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. So, it's a huge killer.”


“I think anybody that says LPG shouldn’t be used because it’s not clean hasn’t understood that LPG is better than the alternative. You know, you cannot expect people to continue to die, cooking on biomass, while they wait for zero-carbon renewable solutions, which are not available at the moment … we are going to be able to save lives and reduce CO2 by switching people to LPG for cooking.”