26 March 2013

House of Commons Reception

Calor Gas (part of the SHV group) held a reception at the House of Commons on 11th March 2013 to promote Autogas as an alternative transport fuel in the UK.

The key messages to the government representatives who attended were:

  • There is an extensive network of Autogas filling stations across the UK to support the fuel
  • Although there are many vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s) across Europe with Autogas as an optional fuel there are none in the UK
  • For Autogas to be fully supported there needs to be a long term commitment from government in the form of road fuel tax exemption


With the UK budget due later in March the event was very timely. Over twenty Members of Parliament and representatives from the House of Lords attended the two hour reception.

Calor Gas and Shell staff, together with representatives from UKLPG, AEGPL and the WLPGA had the opportunity to present the arguments to the UK policy makers.

The UK has been selected as one of the countries where the WLPGA will work with the UKLPG in support of the UK Autogas market and this was the first of several activities planned in 2013 where the WLPGA will intervene.

For more details of the WLPGA Autogas Lobby Plan, and the type of intervention activities available, contact David Tyler on