07 October 2014 means business

In order to reach a broader number of companies from not just the LPG but also CNG and LNG sector, WLPGA media partner is changing into

Being active in business means being present worldwide, throughout all continents. aims to be close to every manufacturer, supplier and customer in the industry, no matter where the company is headquartered. The .com domain is universally recognised worldwide and so, through the transition, gazeo is presenting itself as part of the global cyberspace. The European Union, Argentina, Indonesia, South Korea, USA, China or Turkey – wherever prospective visitors are and with the latest news from the industry. In addition their multi sector news portal has been restructured to be more business-related-news friendly. The site will soon gain new functions, all the while remaining a B2B platform. However, individual users and fans of „green” vehicles will still be able to find plenty of relevant information. Make sure to bookmark and check back for updates!