21 December 2015

Gas Energy Australia Hosts the Gas 2015 National Forum

Gas Energy Australia held its 2015 Forum in Sydney on 26th - 27th November with the theme ‘Delivering Energy Diversity’.

WLPGA Director David Tyler presented a paper at the conference addressing the work that the WLPGA (& AEGPL) is doing in supporting the global LPG industry with respect to providing advice and support on LPG guidelines and standards development, and standards harmonisation. The event united industry leaders, representatives from industry, government and academia to discuss critical issues influencing the future of Australia’s energy sector, including the environment, innovation, energy security, health and safety and government regulations. With a programme that offered both industry and business development and technical development streams to over 120 delegates from 30 different organisations, GAS 2015 was able to act as a platform for collaboration and networking for those interested in the sector.

Key findings from the event included:

  • The strong potential for gaseous fuels to meet Australia’s energy security needs.
  • That gas engine vehicle technology developments are closing the gap with conventional vehicles in terms of performance and capital cost.
  • The need for continued collaboration between government and industry on future challenges in the energy sector regarding emissions and removing uneccessary regulations.

Gas Energy Australia was established on 15 October 2012 as the national peak body that consolidates the advocacy, policy and technical development and communications profile of the downstream gaseous fuels industry, incorporating Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Australia.

Gas Energy Australia's goal is to provide a united industry voice to stakeholders (i.e. governments, state authorities and the community) on the use of gaseous fuels in Australia. The conference presented some ideas to invigorate the gaseous industry in Australia and included some exciting technology for Autogas.

Gas Energy Australia will join the WLPGA in 2016 in support of the WLPGA Oceania Regional Summit being held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, on 17th – 18th May 2016 at the Marriott hotel.

While David was in Sydney he held several meetings with the WLPGA GAIN chairman, Cameron Ure; the two major sponsors of the WLPGA Gold Coast Summit, Elgas and Origin, together with organisers MCI Australia, and several other potential sponsors and interested parties.The Oceania Summit next May will feature a plenary session followed by several parallel programmes focusing on Autogas, the Pacific Islands and new developments and applications in the LPG business.

WLPGA Industry Council member and CEO of Elgas, John Evans, introduced the Gold Coast event to delegates at the GEA conference (photo).

For more details of the GEA conference or the WLPGA Gold Coast event please contact David Tyler at