15 December 2014

Gas 2014 – Securing Australia’s Fuel Supply and the Future of its Gas Industry

What does Australia’s gaseous fuels industry have to offer to government and the community? And how can the industry develop a more effective message to ensure the benefits of using gas are realised? Industry representatives at Gas Energy Australia’s National Forum Gas 2014 were encouraged to think about their business from this perspective, and the need to develop, innovate and grow the gaseous fuels market.

More than 120 senior delegates attended Gas 2014 which was held in Melbourne, Australia over two days.  The Forum included presentations on policy, marketing and technical related topics and was supported by speakers including industry experts, marketing and communication professionals and senior government representatives.  The speakers provided an overview of Australia’s evolving energy policy landscape, insight into the challenges facing the industry and different approaches to strengthening a company’s brand and value.

Gas Energy Australia CEO Mike Carmody said while the cost and environmental benefits of LPG, LNG and CNG are well known within the industry, we shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming the general public and government are on the same page.

“Australia’s gaseous fuels industry needs to put a greater focus on educating external parties about their product – many people are unaware of the potential of Australian gas, particularly natural gas,” he said. “This was a common theme at the National Forum and is a primary driver of Gas Energy Australia’s new Cleaner, Cheaper Fuels campaign.”

The campaign is underpinned by community education and calls for public input. It aims to increase the use of Australia’s natural gas for transport as a less polluting and less expensive alternative to imported fuel. This would improve Australia’s fuel security and affordability, reduce its carbon footprint, lower energy costs and create new jobs. The campaign is supported by two consultation papers which include a number of goals and a ten point strategic plan. One goal is for at least a quarter of Australia’s on-road heavy duty trucks powered by natural gas by 2030.

Delegates to the National Forum were encouraged to show their support for the campaign by contributing to the campaign website ( and helping to raise community awareness.

Using more natural gas and LPG instead of imported oil will not only help to prevent Australia becoming 100 per cent dependent on foreign fuel, it will also help to secure the future of Australia’s emerging natural gas transport industry.

Gas Energy Australia CEO Mike Carmody (far left) catches up with Elgas representatives at the National Forum

More than 120 senior delegates attended Gas Energy Australia’s National Forum, Gas 2014, in Melbourne

Gas Energy Australia Chairman, John Evans addresses the National Forum