28 October 2015

Exclusive Interview with New WLPGA President Mr Yağiz Eyüboğlu

Mr. Eyüboğlu, many thanks on taking the time to speak to us and congratulations on becoming President of WLPGA.

What is your vision for your presidency and how do you see this evolving over the two coming years?

The WLPGA is the combined voice of the global LPG industry, representing the full LPG value chain. It brings together 200+ private and public companies operating in more than 125 countries. Over the next two years, I wish to see this voice become even more unified and continue to be an LPG industry champion whose impact is felt worldwide.

Although LPG is the most viable alternative energy solution, in most parts of the world it still has not received full credit and has not been given special importance in world energy policies. In this respect, and with the help of our excellent WLPGA management team, I will work to strengthen LPG’s recognition and lead a combined effort to assist the LPG industry’s sustainable development in compliance with good business and safety practices.What do you see as the key challenges facing the LPG industry in the coming years?


The key challenges our industry faces can be summed up as the sustainable development of the LPG industry, and strengthening LPG’s global perception. As I mentioned before, LPG is one of the most viable alternative energy solutions for addressing issues of climate change and improving household living standards.

And what about the main opportunities?

Increasing public awareness regarding environmental issues is one of the greatest opportunities before us. We should take this chance to strengthen LPG’s status as a viable clean energy solution and further emphasise the health and safety benefits of using LPG in households and as Autogas.

Other opportunities worth focusing on are: booming demand in the petro-chemical industry, increasing penetration of Autogas and continuing the success of our Cooking For Life Campaign.

In your role as President of our association, how do you feel WLPGA could respond to these challenges and opportunities?

We will continue our role as the LPG industry’s authoritative voice and focus our efforts on further development of LPG markets. We will strengthen our member profile and continue developing partnerships with international organisations, as well as implementing projects on local and global scales.

We will also continue promoting standards compliance and good business and safety practices, and emphasise how critical these things are for sustainable growth.

Through our Cooking For Life campaign, we will work towards the transition of one billion people from cooking with traditional fuels like charcoal, wood and other fuels to cleaner-burning LPG.

The 29th World LPG Forum & 2016 AEGPL Congress will take place in Istanbul next September. What are your hopes and thoughts for this very exciting event?

I sincerely believe that the upcoming WLPGA Forum and AEGPL Congress in İstanbul will provide the industry with great opportunities to exchange ideas, share experience, debate common issues, and learn from each other’s good business practices.

I am really looking forward to the outcomes this platform can produce.

I invite and welcome all to Istanbul, a very historical, very diverse city that connects Europe to Asia in terms of culture and also our LPG business on both continents.