06 November 2017

Exclusive interview with new WLPGA President Mr Pedro Jorge Filho

Mr. Jorge Filho, many thanks on taking the time to speak to us and congratulations on becoming President of WLPGA.


What is your vision for your presidency?

This presidency will be working objectively towards all directions, regardless of how relevant the levels all the markets are. We shall also be close to our staff that make part and run the WLPGA, pursuing on a daily basis to support them in any needs that may come up.

Service and vicinity to all our associates will be paramount whether we intend to meet all the needs of our industry. And we will relentlessly pursue our efforts to ensure our inspiring aims are met, I mean, increasing the number of associates and deploying cutting-edge technology, in order to leave a highly positive legacy to upcoming management.


How do you see this evolving over the two coming years?

The engagement of our presidency alongside WLPGA team, being in person or at distance, will be essential to accomplish our goal. We will try hard to understand and meet all the demands of our associates in different places on this earth, working closely and attending all the representatives, regardless of the size or stage this rep will be.


What do you see as the key challenges facing the LPG industry in the coming years?

Seeking the balance of real needs will be vital for our representatives, both in developed markets and also developing markets. Our biggest challenge is to understand and search steadily for the balance among the wide range of companies engaged, trying to reach higher standards in quality and sustainabil.


And what about the main opportunities?

In my point of view, we shall keep up strongly committed to our current projects, such as, Cooking For Life, Autogas, Energy Generation,  etc. being all these projects brought up and approved in our technical meetings, these, which precede the Industry Council Meetings.

Nevertheless, in the coming years, we shall focus on the new world born from technology; applying Cloud Drive, Internet of the Things, Industry 4.0, Big Data, among others; all coming from start-ups and also ready for use, as far as our associates may need them.

Therefore, I understand the combination of our current projects and the deployment of a new digital world in our operations will bring unimaginable benefits in previous years.


In your role as President of our association, how do you feel WLPGA could respond to these challenges and opportunities?

The new and contemporary world, requires from us, professionals, quick changes and cross-country directions.

Once, we really want to update our operations, attract new talents and keep high-flyers in our industry, the deployment and the usage of a leading edge technology will be mandatory.

In our last Industry Council Meeting, new funding resources were approved for communication and new projects. I expect part of these resources to be invested in social medias and projects that can bring new technology relevant for our associates.

I am looking forward to hearing from all our friends, their suggestions so we can approve these new projects that will pave new and distinct ways to LPG worldwide.