17 September 2021

Energising your LPG Week 2021 Experience – LPG Talks Live

In case you missed WLPGA’s LPG Talks live dedicated to LPG Week this week, you can see the full recording here Energising Your LPG Week 2021 Experience Webinar Recording

André Pimentel from Anova hosted an exciting panel for an in-depth discussion about the upcoming LPG Week in Dubai and how to get the most out of your participation.

Henry Cubbon, President of WLPGA & MD of DCC LPG, opened the webinar by referring to LPG Week as being an incredibly important event for the industry. He said that ‘Indeed, the week in Dubai will allow for the industry to take a step back and to understand and debate the changes and to reflect about what needs to be done by us as leaders in the industry individually but also collectively’.

Rebecca Ball from Cavagna Group and David Appleton from Argus Media each represented a different player within LPG Week from an exhibiting company to speaker and sponsor. Ms Ball mentioned that LPG Week is the platform that we need to showcase Cavagna and its products and to meet all the customers in one place. Mr Appleton, referred to the global participation across the value chain and the event giving the picture of what is happening and what will happen, both in terms of how the markets are evolving but also some of the more technical issues and some of the more specific sector related initiatives.  He said that LPG Week is the highlight of his year in keeping on top of what is happening in the market.

James Rockall, MD & CEO WLPGA, recognised that content is king, and LPG Week is the unique opportunity to get insights into the industry and access to intelligence in the sector as well as take away new ideas that can be applied in people’s own business. It can clearly be seen as giving you a competitive advantage in your business.

Esther Assous, Events Director WLPGA, addressed the various parts of LPG Week such as the exhibition and its functionalities, the networking opportunities, the hybrid element of the event as well as the registration process. She also replied to some questions related to the COVID-19 protocol. She insisted on the in-person event experience which can’t be beat while at the same time with the virtual option giving all companies to more of their teams the opportunity to the part of LPG Week in a meaningful way.