22 September 2022

WLPGA New Member – Confidence Petroleum India

The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member:
Confidence Petroleum India

Confidence Petroleum (CPIL) is India’s largest private sector LPG distribution company with more than 59 bottling plants and 210 Auto-LPG stations which are poised for further growth. It is head-quartered in Nagpur in the heart of India with offices across length and breadth of India. In addition to this, CPIL is one of the largest cylinder manufacturing companies in Asia.

Confidence Petroleum (CPIL) have recently started direct import of LPG and in a short span of time have reached benchmark of 30,000 MT in a month. This has been possible due to an innovative solution involving their fleet of more than 300 road tankers to evacuate the product quickly during vessel arrival. The company is hungry for more growth and looking forward to emerging as a strong LPG player in Asia with strength in both sourcing and distribution. As India emerges as a growth engine in Asia, CPIL will contribute by satisfying energy needs of its industry.


‘As an emerging LPG player in Asia, we are interested in spreading our footprints across geographies and we believe that WLPGA is an appropriate forum to realise this ambition. As a WLPGA member, we look forward to knowledge sharing among the members and benefit from WLPGA publications as well as best practices being followed in the business. We also want to make full use of WLPGA networking events. We look forward to meeting you all during the LPG Week 2022 at New Delhi.’ Said Sunil Nagar, Vice President-Business Development of Confidence Petroleum (CPIL)