21 February 2022

Coffee with Cavagna: a Vision of 2022 – Start with a Coffee?

As we reflect on 2021 and commence 2022, it is important to take a step back and see the lessons we have learned and how to keep our goals and vision in mind for the coming year. Here’s some of our outlooks as an international Group for this year and beyond from Cavagna Group’s CEO.

Davide Cavagna: While there was many challenges still with us as an industry throughout 2021, the industry proved during the face-to-face LPG Week in Dubai that we are resilient and able to continue fighting for our place in the energy transition.

Some takeaways from 2021 and from LPG Week for the Cavagna Group were:

1. Making the business smarter doesn’t only mean digitalisation – alongside that: diversity, sustainability and strategy in regards to regenerating the skills gap is also a key influencer in making the business smarter.

2. Not everything can be electrified – we have to have more than one option for the road to 2050. With what we have learned, the evolution of our exceptional energy has a place in the future of energy.

3. Energising tomorrow – to us means: New innovation and a synergised communication message that encourages a sustainable supply chain regardless of the initial source.

4. Engaging with policy makers and influencers with the correct message and ’story’ to simultaneously tell to emphasise the molecule as loud as the electron.

5. To align ourselves together with an international view of the future, rather than looking at our own individual interests – we have to think big.

6. A continued R&D Engineering focus to increase product competitiveness compared to other fuels.

7. Alignment with the UN Sustainable goals and local and international guidelines.

8. Looking at new green fuels and their compatibility for the future.

Having a collective voice is important. Portraying these unanimous voices to policy makers and influencers is where LPG has an impact about where we sit at the table. Collaborating with the correct communications message and advocacy is one of our important pillars for the future.

It is clear that the future of energy requires more than just one solution to reach ambitious targets to 2050.


As we have stated before our two paths for the future and road to 2050 are:

1. Sustainability

2. Digitalisation

Built on an industry of tradition, these two concepts are somewhat new in priorities for our relevant industries. In 2015, 193 countries agreed on 17 sustainable development goals for the future set by the UN. While these goals are ambitious, there is an increase in call for a push to intensify engagement for the future 2050 goals.

In digitalisation, revamping the landscape to enable progress towards the energy transition is vital. The analysis and collection of data in energy is more importat than ever, with the continued push and power of the electron, we have the idea that ‘not everything can be electrified’ and with more reasoning as to why – the gas molecule stands a better chance in the future.

We welcome an aligned discussion on how to meet all of our joint goals together as an industry alongside continuing our determination for a greener, cleaner future while being realistic with our outlook. Hoping for a positive year for all as we look ahead…

Cavagna Group