19 February 2014

Aygaz Rounds Off 2013 with a Dozen Awards

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Aygaz, WLPGA member and WLPGA Industry Council member, and the most preferred LP Gas brand in Turkey, rounded off 2013 with no less than twelve industry awards given by both local and international associations.

[/custom_font]Aygaz was impressively recognised a series of prestigious competitions and award programs in the area of advertising and promotion for efficiency, creativity, digital advertising, product quality and customer satisfaction, direct marketing activities and effective use of media. 
So what awards did Aygaz sweep?

Awards for Efficiency

Aygaz received a Silver Effie and a Bronze Effie award at the Effie Turkey Advertising Activities Competition, organised by the Advertising Agencies & Advertisers Associations. The Git Git Bitmez (Never Runs Out) advertisement for Aygaz brand Mogaz Otogaz won a Silver Effie and the Aygaz Otogaz Takip (Chasing) campaign was also awarded a Bronze Effie.

Awards for Creativity

Aygaz's advertising and marketing campaigns also won a Crystal and a Silver Apple at the Advertisers Association Kristal Elma (Crystal Apple) Awards  which recognises the unique and creative work of companies and advertising agencies in Turkey and drew some 2,000 entries. Aygaz received two awards for Automotive Products in the TV category for the advertisements produced by the Advertising Agency TBWA, Kışa Özel Aygaz Otogaz (Aygaz Otogaz Specialised for Winter Conditions) and Aygaz Otogaz Uzaktan Kumanda (Aygaz Otogaz Remote Control).

Awards for Digital Advertising

Aygaz was also recognised for two more awards at the Kristal Elma Awards for projects that were announced on the digital platform as part of the Aygaz Conversion Club's new conversion and maintenance campaigns.  This included a Crystal Award for Best Digital Channel Application a Bronze Apple under Digital Advertising Applications for the application (Turkey’s foremost e-commerce site in second-hand auto sales, sahibinden meaning from its owner in English).

Awards for Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Aygaz is proud of its dedication to high quality and reliability and was awarded a Customer-Friendly Brand and Enterprise Certificate as a result of the reviews and audits carried out by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute). KALDER (the Quality Association of Turkey) awarded Aygaz with first prize in the LPG Distributors category based on its survey of customer satisfaction.

Awards for Direct Marketing Activities

Aygaz’ Autogas interactive application for its conversion and maintenance campaigns won a Gold Award in the Direct Marketing category of the Marketing and Interactive Excellence (Mixx) Awards.  By winning the Gold Award, Aygaz was also nominated for Mixx Awards Europe in Barcelona, Spain. Aygaz was also awarded a second prize for its Autogas Conversion and Maintenance Campaign under Online Media Campaigns. Aygaz plus a third prize for Loyalty Applications for the Mehmetçik Foundation Donation Campaign which it had launched based on a loyalty card system. The US based Mixx Awards are organised by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and ass interactive marketing advertisements in terms of criteria ranging from strategy to creativity and implementation, from media planning to integration, from productivity to return on investment.

Awards for Creativity & Effective Use of Media

And finally Aygaz received two awards at the MediaCat Felis 2013 Awards, an acknowledgement of creativity and effective use of the media in marketing.   Aygaz won two awards for the Autogas Conversion and Maintenance Campaign and for Best Use of the Media in Direct Marketing and Best Creative Digital Channel Application.

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