25 August 2015

Autogas News from Repsol First off-road vehicle powered by this alternative fuel competed in a major rally in Spain

WLPGA member and Industry Council member Repsol took on a new challenge by participating in the mythical Baja Aragón race in Spain with the first vehicle powered by an alternative fuel in this rally which took place in July.


The Repsol Autogas Team The Repsol AutoGas Team in the Baja Aragón unites Enrique Bonafonte, a rally racer with a wealth of experience in high level competitions such as Dakar, and Antonio Saraiva, another well respected and important rally racer.

Watch the Video

To see the rally car in action watch the video

"Our participation in the Baja Aragón is special because we're doing it with a completely new car that uses Autogas. Such a demanding competition as this, with extreme temperatures and where the stress on the engine is full on, will be the best testing ground for an engine with Autogas fuel that provides less consumption, less stress, a cleaner fuel ,and greater control. I think this is a great opportunity to show the advantages this alternative fuel has to the drivers" says Bonafonte.

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