26 November 2014

AmeriGas Poland Launches the New NANO Cylinder

AmeriGas Polska, a UGI International company, is the first company on the Polish market to launch a new type of domestic cylinder.

The AmeriGas NANO, from the Portuguese cylinder manufacturer Amtrol Alfa, weighs only 6,8 kg and contains 8 kg of propane.

The light steel liner is the heart of the cylinder. It is wrapped in composite Twintex material and then put into a plastic jacket. Customers says the most important benefits of the NANO are the light weight of the cylinder and the easy connection thanks to a Quick-On regulator.

The brand name NANO was chosen by employees of AmeriGas Polska with an internal poll, and they were the first ones to use the cylinder. In September the company held several “NANO Barbecue Fridays” where employees gathered together and enjoyed barbecuing on AmeriGas NANO cylinders. The events triggered a lot of positive feed back and enthusiasm among the employees, as does the cylinder itself.

AmeriGas NANO will be soon available throughout Poland in the biggest petrol station chains. The advertising campaign will be launched in parallel and will consist of both online and offline activities, such as a dedicated website, animations on YouTube, display ads, and a billboard campaign.

Click below to view the short YouTube clip: