07 October 2008

Alan Beale awarded World LP Gas Association Distinguished Service Award at 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul

Alan Beale has been passionate and extremely active within the LP Gas industry both worldwide and at home in Australia for many years.


The World LP Gas Association’s Board bestowed the Association’s Distinguished Service Award on Alan Beale, Managing Director of Elgas, (Australia) at the 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul. Seoul, 29 September 2008 – Alan Beale has been passionate and extremely active within the LP Gas industry both worldwide and at home in Australia for many years. He was one of the founders of the World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) when it was formed in 1987 and has been a driving force at the WLPGA in many LP Gas industry initiatives. Currently, Alan is a board member of the World LP Gas Association and a Vice-President and has served as Chairman of GAIN (the Global Autogas Industry Network) for six years, Chairman of the Global Technology Group and Chairman of the Climate Change Working Group. Alan has also served on the Board of the Australian LP Gas Association (ALPGA) for 16 years, including 2 terms as President. He was awarded “Life Membership” by the ALPGA in recognition of his contribution to the industry, the 4th “Life Membership” awarded in 50 years. Contributions include an Australian industry led campaign against the introduction of excise on Autogas. In addition to a revised excise regime, the campaign led to the introduction of a Federal conversion grant scheme for LP Gas vehicles. Both these initiatives have revitalized the Autogas segment of the industry. He also has close links with the Korean Autogas industry. He was here in 2004 during a targeted campaign to support a favourable tax decision in South Korea, the biggest Autogas market in the world. Recommendations made by Alan at the industry’s conference in Seoul that year were the ones the government later introduced. Alan Beale said today, “LP Gas marketers around the world are basically regional businesses. We have to compete against well-established global energy competitions. Through the World LP Gas Association, we can coordinate together to establish LP Gas as a better known and more appropriate energy for the future. We all have to put in an extra effort for the common good.”
Download Alan's biography here About WLPGA – World LP Gas Association – The WLPGA is the authoritative voice of the global LP Gas industry representing all sectors of the industry. WLPGA’s primary aim is to add value to the sector through driving premium demand for LP Gas, while promoting compliance to good business and safety practices. It brings together public and private companies involved in one, several or all activities of the industry, develops partnerships with international organizations and implements projects on local and global scales. WLPGA was established in 1987 and granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1989. Press Contacts: