30 May 2022

7th June 2022 – #LPGday Exceptional Energy

7th June 2022 - #LPGday
Exceptional Energy

#LPGday marks its fourth edition this year on Tuesday 7th June. We celebrate #LPGday each year to raise awareness around LPG and increase the visibility of the benefits of this exceptional energy. Launched in 2019 as part of the Annual Global Awareness Calendar, LPG day is a great success ever year, engaging the LPG industry, media, politicians and the general public around the world.

Hundreds of millions of people currently use LPG and depend on it for thousands of applications. Let’s spread the word through an exceptional adoption of the #LPGday hashtag on Tuesday 7th June on all our social media platforms.

Share your success stories and tell the world why you believe LPG is an exceptional energy. So get creative and follow us to spread the word!

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