WLPGA Member Focus – Sensile Technologies

Sensile Technologies is active in the M2M (machine –to-machine) market and is a leading provider of M2M solutions for remote monitoring of tanks and meters for the oil and gas industry, including LPG. Sensile Technologies was founded in 1999 and is based in Morges, Switzerland.

Sensile Technologies is an ideal partner for any LPG company interested in subcontracting the management of their existing vessel telemetry solution. A world leader in the number of vessels monitored with full service contracts, Sensile Technologies has the experience and knowledge to integrate any data into their web portal and can guarantee a reliability rate of more than 99 per cent of fully functioning telemetry units at any time.

Sensile Technologies has over 50,000 systems in place covering over 50 countries. Based on the current trend of the internet of things (IoT), Sensile Technologies plans to triple these numbers in the coming years. Therefore has reengineered their solutions to take advantage of the latest technologies allowing massive installation projects at extremely low costs.

Enjoying continued success in a swiftly growing sector, over the past months, Sensile Technologies has signed many new contracts and renewed contracts with existing customers. If the countries and the size of the projects were different, they have one thing in common – the agreement is all about full service, meaning customers only pay for the data they receive.

Sensile Technologies prides itself on taking care of the complete process, from installation and maintenance of the telemetry system on the vessels and online configuration of the system to data export to the logistics software and fully automated delivery dispatching. Guaranteeing a complete service without any initial investment or extra cost above the yearly fee per vessel.

For some new customers, Sensile Technologies also organised the automatic import of data from their existing systems into the in-house web portal. Those customers now have only one web portal to visualise their vessel data and benefit from all the features, such as cockpit charts, maintenance modules, that their web portal offers. At the end of the life of a telemetry unit, a NETRIS unit (Sensile Technologies’s own product) replaces it and the customer is barely aware of the change.

Among those customers that have switched to a full service contract with Sensile Technologies is one of their first gas merchant customers, which has been using their equipment for more than ten years. During that time, the customer has managed the system successfully and expanded the number of its monitored vessels as it grew in the marketplace. Recently, the company has asked Sensile Technologies to take over the management of its existing installations and investment in new ones in order to free up cash and time for the company.

Using Sensile Technologies’ own global network of highly-qualified technicians and partners, this provides many advantages for customers. Experienced technicians can replace old materials, change batteries and install new equipment, saving the client time, travelling costs and CO2 emissions. Leaving customers to concentrate on tasks that are directly related to their core business while receiving a reliable flow of data.

“At Sensile Technologies, we make sure that we deliver the quality that is expected from Swiss products and services. This is probably the reason behind that we have never lost a customer who wasn’t satisfied with our solution. We are very proud of it and we’ll continue investing in order to further improve our solutions for an even better future.”  

Cédric Morel, Managing Director, Sensile Technologies SA.