WLPGA Member Focus – Algas-SDI


WLPGA welcomes Algas-SDI as a new member in January 2017.
Algas-SDI builds equipment that makes transportable fuels easy to use.  Our products allow businesses located off the natural gas grid, or under gas supply curtailment, to operate. We eliminate downtime ensuring people can work and goods and services can flow to markets.

manufactures LPG, SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) products and systems. Over the last 80 years, we have deployed 20,000+ systems in over 87 countries spanning six continents. Collectively, these systems potentially provide an estimated 200 tons of LPG per day.  Algas-SDI developed its first vaporiser in 1932. Today, we still lead our industry in quality, innovation and commitment to purpose.

designs innovative gas vaporisation and gas-gas blending solutions for a variety of fuels. Our unique design approach provides smaller footprints and enhanced, energy efficiency and greater reliability than conventional designs.  Our products improve the reliability and productivity of users around the world. We hold ISO 9001 Registration and internationally recognised product certifications or approvals including FM, UL, CSA, CE, ATEX, DEMKO, PED and others.

is a worldwide organisation with subsidiaries and distributors in more than 80 countries. Our headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, with some additional manufacturing located in Queretaro, Mexico. Our Denmark sales office serves Europe and the Middle East.


Our History

In 1932 American Liquid Gas Corporation (later known as Algas Industries) received its first patent for a unique vaporizer – the direct gas fired vaporiser for use with LPG. This type of vaporizer soon became the standard throughout the Americas and many other places around the world.  In 1994, Algas acquired the assets of Interex to complement their line of vaporizers with state of the art LPG/air (SNG) mixing technology. 

The E. Sam Dick Company, formed in 1958 by E. Sam Dick and Verle Brown, started as an HVAC mechanical firm, but quickly became known for its Natural Gas replacement systems utilising LP-Gas.  Recognising the need for vaporisation in tight spaces with little or no ongoing maintenance, SDI developed and acquired the first patent for a DRY electric vaporiser. 

In 1999, Algas-Industries and Sam Dick Industries joined forces forming Algas-SDI International, LLC.  Today, Algas-SDI has the widest product offering in the industry – a benefit to you. State-of-the-art products, designed by experienced engineers, produced in accordance with the strictest codes and quality standards, and built by the best people in the industry. Algas-SDI makes transportable gases easy to use. 


We’re bullish on the LPG market.  The potential growth for LPG throughout the world is strong.  Climate change and carbon policies are encouraging consumers to switch from oil to LPG.  Beyond the regulatory push, the abundance of NG and low oil prices mean that the historically low LPG prices are here to stay, which should drive sustained growth. 

WLPGA Membership

We’re excited to become a part of the WLPGA and join their effort of evangelisation for LPG.  LPG is the most underrated fuel on the market.  It’s safe.  It’s clean.  It’s inexpensive.  And LPG equipment (tank, pump, vaporiser, regulator, etc.) is relatively inexpensive.  LPG simply does not get the attention it deserves because big oil and big natural gas have deeper pockets.  But, the WLPGA’s marketing efforts are the types of activities to shine a spotlight on LPG’s benefits, influencing policy makers and decision makers. 

SNG Initiative

As the leader in the supply of SNG equipment, ASDI looks forward to cooperating with the WLPGA to promote this valuable and under-utilised tool.  Natural gas always steals the biggest loads in any market.  But, SNG systems allow the LPG retailer to complete with piped natural gas head to head.  We shouldn’t look at SNG as a back-up fuel.  Rather, it should be seen as a way to move more tons of LPG.  Once the retailers start to embrace this technology, the sky is the limit for LPG growth.