WLPGA Launches a Membership Category Dedicated to LPG Applications and Appliance Manufacturers

The hundreds of LPG applications that exist today, appliances and equipment that use LPG are drivers for growth in the LPG industry. To strengthen the focus and support towards appliance manufacturers, WLPGA has created a new membership category. Membership for this category is FREE for 2017

This category aims to enhance visibility of products and create new avenues for commercialisation opportunities within members, which is key to the development of the LPG industry. 
WLPGA members in this new category will benefit from:

  • Multiple opportunities to participate in the activities of WLPGA
  • Networking with other members, participating in regular meetings of these networks, contribute and even steer their work 
  • Showcasing and promoting of their products through the WLPGA communication channels and initiatives (newsletters, social media, web presence, interviews, case studies etc.)
  • Participating in the WLPGA LPG Applications website (EEIA) activities and development
  • Preferential rates to attend the WLPGA Annual Forum (annual events bringing together worldwide network of professionals key to LPG appliance manufacturers)
  • Exposure to industry practices and recent developments in policy and regulation


The WLPGA members include the highest level of industry players, providing avenues for mutually beneficial interaction between members.

The new Corporate D membership category is open to all manufacturers of any size and type producing applications, appliances and equipment that use LPG. For all new members in this new category, the first year of membership is FREE (annual membership €3919 thereafter).

To apply for membership under the new Corporate D category, please contact Laurence Poret or Nikos Xydas