WLPGA Global Autogas Summit, London

Save the Date – Wednesday 2nd October 2013

The WLPGA is holding its second Global Autogas Summit on 2nd October 2013 in London during the WLPGA World Forum.

Eric Johnson will kick off the afternoon event chairing a round table of Autogas specialists from around the world debating the challenges faced by the LP Gas industry in penetrating the transport fuel sector. Despite these challenges Autogas remains the fastest growing segment within the LP Gas demand portfolio with over 23 million vehicles now running on LP Gas throughout the world. Yet why isn’t this incredibly clean and versatile fuel not making even faster inroads? And despite its advantages over natural gas why aren’t fleet owners turning to LP Gas as their preferred alternative fuel to diesel and gasoline?  And how come governments are still supporting the use of diesel fuel in urban areas when the World Health Organisation have publicly stated that diesel emissions are carcinogenic to humans? Why is it that vehicle manufacturers are not planning their models with LP Gas as a preferred alternative to gasoline when it offers so much in emission and maintenance benefits? These and many other questions will be posed to the panel during the first session.

The second session will be chaired by Warring Neilsen who will introduce several key speakers from the global Autogas industry to present some enlightening papers on new technology, trends and innovations. Speakers from around the world – including countries such as Australia, South Korea and Japan, three dynamos in the Autogas industry – will present their views and answers questions from the audience on the latest news, trends and developments in the global Autogas industry.

This is an event not to miss and it is important to register early. For more information contact David Tyler of the WLPGA on