WLPGA Announces 2013 Innovation Award Winner and Runner Up

Paris, 18 July 2013 The World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) is proud to announce the winners of the prestigious WLPGA Innovation Award.

The WLPGA holds an annual Global Technology Conference (GTC), organised as a part of the World LP Gas Forum.

The GTC has a specific focus on technology and showcases the most innovative and original technological ideas from around the world creating new opportunities for the LP Gas industry.

The WLPGA calls for submission papers for the GTC in November. The best are selected by a steering committee from around the world and these papers are showcased at the event the following year.

The 6th Global Technology Conference (GTC-2013) will take place in London, UK, on Tuesday 1st October 2013 during the 26th WLPGA Forum & 2013 AEGPL Congress. The WLPGA Innovation Award is given to the outstanding paper presented at GTC. The WLPGA Innovation Award in 2013 is selected from the GTC in 2012 which was held in Bali.

The winner, and runner up, have been selected by the WLPGA GTC steering committee which ranks new LP Gas technology against a range of criteria.  The winner for 2013 is ENEOS Globe, based in Tokyo, Japan.  ENEOS GLOBE has been awarded the award for its development of “Integrated Electricity Generation System optimised by Fuel Cell (ENE-FARM)”. This technology was presented at the Global LP Gas Technology Conference in Bali last year and the award will be given during the World Forum in London.   This year’s Runner up is Aygaz based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Aygaz has been selected for its development of “Camping Gas Cylinder Recognition System”.

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