The Voice of Sakae Yoshida, Managing Director, Japan LP Gas Association

The Voice spoke with Sakae Yoshida, Managing Director of Japan LP Gas Association and WLPGA Board member to hear his thoughts and goals for the Japan LP Gas Association.

The Voice: Please tell us a little about the Japan LP Gas Association and its key activities.

Sakae Yoshida: The Japan LP Gas Association is an industrial association of companies of importers and producers of LPG of Japan. Now the association has 11 membership. Our mission is to develop Japanese LP Gas industry.

The Voice: Could you tell us a little about your career path to get you here?

Sakae Yoshida: I joined Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI) in 1984 after finishing master Course of Tokyo Institute of Technology. I spent 32 years for government service mainly for developing several different industries.

The Voice: What do you see as the key challenges today in the Japanese market?

Sakae Yoshida: The demand of LPG in Japan has been matured and we are challenging for development in new area like marine use, gas heat pump system for air conditioning, and others.

The Voice:
And what about the main opportunities for the Japan LP Gas Association today?

Sakae Yoshida: Japanese government is promoting installment of air conditioning system in school nationwide. Gas heat pump system by LP gas is one of the good option for air conditioning of classrooms of schools. So we are acting intensively for as many LP gas GHP to be installed.

The Voice:
What benefits do you see as being a member of the WLPGA?

Sakae Yoshida: WLPGA is offering good statistical date and latest information worldwide about LPG and also offering opportunity to exchange view with people in the same industry through the matrix meeting and industrial council.