The Voice of Davide Cavagna, CEO, Cavagna Group, Italy and WLPGA Vice-President

The Voice spoke with Davide Cavagna, CEO, Cavagna Group, Italy and WLPGA Vice-President, to hear his thoughts and goals for Cavagna Group.

The Voice: Please could you tell us about Cavagna Group and its key activities?

Davide Cavagna: At Cavagna Group, we understand gases, and we understand the importance of using the appropriate equipment for each gas. So wherever gas is the integral part and provides energy for everyday life, there is the technological and productive commitment from Cavagna Group. As our product line continues to grow, we are striving to improve product functionality while taking the industry standards to a higher level of quality and performance.  The improvement is continuous, in all applicative sectors, but on this particular point it is necessary to be very clear: the real, fundamental innovation in technologies for gas management, is to ensure always total reliability.

In the past few years, Cavagna Group has been particularly active opening new business and market scenarios, while preserving its own identity and, at the same time, pursuing goals that have aroused considerable curiosity for originality, if not for the courage of the choices. In our diversification commitment, we have put in place new business areas, always in synergy with the original core activity, and something new will come soon.


The Voice: What do you see as the key challenges today?

Davide Cavagna: Having to identify a common denominator that could be instrumental in addressing many global challenges on a global basis, I would say the cooperation between the private sector and the public. Economic disparity, lack of awareness, migration flows, gender discrimination, are some of the top challenges that need common policy interventions, and the prerequisite  to exert any influence over these phenomena  is by joining forces. This may not be the only way of influencing outcomes, but is certainly a sine qua non for the long-term sustainability of our planet. The LPG industry, being a significant part of the energy mix, can be part of the plan and weigh in on this.


The Voice: And what about the main opportunities for Cavagna Group today?

Davide Cavagna: Being a global player we really operate across the board. Wherever gas containment is required we are there,  so obviously there are countless exciting projects. Just to mention one, digitization is a hot topic for the gas and equipment industry, and on the radar of our group across all of our business units. We strongly believe that the next wave of innovation will come via digitalization and we invest to be first in class. We created a dedicated development team creating in house skills and partnering with global teams in the top companies to bring products to the market and to evolve our production processes and capabilities even further.


The Voice: What benefits do you see as being a member of the WLPGA?

Davide Cavagna: Creating a network and community amongst our industry is important to understand all of the opportunities and challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis. The opportunity to meet each other and have these constructive discussions is something that we all value. I embrace in full the theme of the WLPGA three-year-plan “growing influence, increasing impact”, as I just said, only by joining forces we can influence outcomes. Working all together drives a more effective powerful voice outside of the LPG World. Something that can be beneficial for all of WLPGA members.