The 20th Korea Gas Safety Awards

On 31st May 2013, Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) held the “20th Korean Gas Safety Awards” in Seoul, Korea.

Korean Gas Safety Awards is an annual event, fully supported by the WLPGA, which recognises individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to gas safety  in the Korean gas industry. The main theme of the event this year was “Gas Safety is the start of national happiness”.

At the event this year awards were given to four organisations and 97 individuals from the gas industry. These individuals and corporations have been a shining example to many related field employees.  Through this prestigious event, the public gain a more complete understanding about gas safety and the event also urges the industry to raise gas safety awareness overall.

This awards ceremony was sponsored by the Korean government.  Some 500 industry colleagues attended and the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy delivered a congratulatory speech.  The event also showed congratulatory messages from CEOs from overseas industry associations, including the WLPGA, the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Australian Gas Association (AGA) who fully supported this important event.