Repsol teams with FIAT to boost AutoGas business

FIAT and Repsol sign a collaboration agreement in Madrid to promote sales of AutoGas vehicles (automotive LPG) and boost consumption of this alternative fuel in Spain.

Repsol and FIAT have signed a strategic agreement to promote sales of vehicles running on AutoGas (automotive LPG) and boost consumption of this alternative fuel in Spain. With this partnership, our Company, the leading distributor of AutoGas in Spain, combines its potential with that of FIAT, the vehicle manufacturer with the widest range of LPG automobiles. FIAT is also Europe’s leading company in sales of AutoGas-fuelled vehicles.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of FIAT Group Spain, Luca Napolitano, and Repsol’s LPG Managing Director, José Manuel Gallego.

“The agreement demonstrates Repsol’s solid commitment to the AutoGas market in Spain, and our belief that the number of LPG vehicles will continue to grow and develop as it has done in other European countries”, said Repsol‘s LPG Managing Director, José Manuel Gallego.

For the CEO of FIAT Group Spain, Luca Napolitano, “This agreement represents a major boost for implementing solutions to reduce polluting emissions and CO2 levels. Moreover, this type of initiative demonstrates how we are increasingly paying attention to our customers’ needs and the cost of running their vehicles”.

This partnership represents the start of a close collaboration between both companies in terms of R&D&I to continue developing and encouraging the introduction of and growth in LPG vehicle sales. The collaboration between the two companies will also extend to other areas relating to AutoGas-fuelled vehicles such as regulations, standardisation, permits, etc.

AutoGas offers major economic and environmental benefits. Firstly, it creates an average saving of 20% compared to conventional fuels. As for the environmental benefits, it is a fuel which brings about a quick and effective improvement in air quality, due to its low particle, NOx and CO2 emissions, which minimise the greenhouse effect. There are currently more than 11,000 vehicles using AutoGas in Spain. In the last year the number of vehicles of this type has grown by 100% compared to 2011 and it is expected to continue to develop over the coming years.

About AutoGas

With AutoGas, Repsol completes its range of sustainable, efficient and high-tech fuels. Automotive LPG is more economical than conventional fuels and cleaner too. It helps to improve air quality in urban areas due to its low particle and nitrogen oxide emissions and helps minimise the greenhouse effect due to its low CO2 emissions. It also makes for a very smooth, silent and vibration-free drive.

Luca Napolitano, Chief Operating Officer of FIAT Group Spain, and José Manuel Gallego, Repsol’s LPG Managing Director during the signing of the agreement.

Some of the representatives of both companies during the signing of the agreement.

This alternative fuel is used in bi-fuel vehicles, which have two tanks, one for AutoGas and one for petrol. These can be used alternately without making gear changes. The features of AutoGas are that it cuts the costs of supply and storage equipment and high-pressure tanks are not needed. This brings down costs and reduces the weight transported.