Leaders of the LP Gas Industry meet in New York City

At the beginning of June the WLPGA brought together the leaders of the global LP Gas industry in New York City as it held its internal network, Board and Industry Council meetings.

In New York, the WLPGA Global Cylinder Network officially launched the “Guidelines for the Development of Sustainable LP Gas Markets: Early Stage Markets Edition”. These guidelines look at the best way to encourage long term growth in the cylinder sector of early stage markets, defined as those with less than 2kg consumption per person annually.

The document is available for free download here. During the Global Technology Network Meeting (GLOTEC), three new WLPGA member-only reports were presented which will be available for member download in the coming weeks.  These reports cover LP Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water Production; Combined Heat and Power (CHP) from LP Gas; and Composite LP Gas Cylinders – Facts & Guidelines The Strategic Review Committee also approved the WLPGA 2014-2016 Three Year Strategic Plan which is available for download for WLPGA members via the members-only website.

WLPGA Industry Council members also had the unique opportunity to experience dinner at the prestigious Knickerbocker Club, a private club in Manhattan.  WLPGA President Mr Chen delivered a powerful welcome speech outlining his vision for the future of the industry.

Industry Council members enjoy dinner at the Knickerbocker Club in New York The next Board Meeting, Industry Council and full network meetings will take place during the World LP Gas Forum in London in October 2013 (