HNS Meetings in London October 2013

WLPGA joins a Correspondence Group to monitor progress on ratifying the 2010 HNS Convention

The WLPGA were represented at the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPCF) meetings in London during the week of 21st October 2013 when the 2010 HNS Convention was once again debated.

David Tyler, Director WLPGA, and Mr Makoto Arahata, Japan LP Gas Association, attended the meetings representing the WLPGA in its observer status.

Note: Under the 2010 HNS Convention, the shipowner is liable for the loss or damage up to a certain amount, which is covered by insurance (1st tier). A compensation fund (the HNS Fund) will provide additional compensation when the victims do not obtain full compensation from the shipowner or its insurer (2nd tier). The HNS Fund will be funded by those companies and other entities which receive HNS after sea transport in a Member State in excess of the thresholds laid down in the Convention.

On Thursday 24th October the Canadian delegation held a side meeting to discuss progress of HNS with representatives from over twenty other States. The WLPGA were invited to this side meeting where States gave an update on progress towards ratification in their respective countries. At the moment eight States have ratified the Convention and several more were moving towards that goal.

David told delegates that the WLPGA was very pleased to be involved in the discussions, as an official observer, on the enactment of the 2010 HNS Convention and offered support to the States as the single global body representing the LP Gas industry.

The representative from Malaysia confirmed it would be holding a workshop in November where over 70 local delegates have registered to attend. At the workshop progress towards ratifying the 2010 HNS Convention would be discussed.

The meeting agreed to establish a ‘Correspondence Group’ to allow States to exchange information as they move towards ratification of the 2010 HNS Convention and the WLPGA will join that group.

WLPGA members are encouraged to find out more about the HNS Convention through the following link:

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