WLPGA Member Focus – Gas Stop Europe BV

Gas Stop Europe BV is a leading manufacturer of EFV emergency shut-off valves, calibrated for low pressure LPG installations. Active in Europe and the USA, the GasStop valve is a product synonymous with quality and safety. GasStop is quickly and easily installed by the user onto the cylinder, safeguarding the pressure regulator and the system against major leaks and failures.

Peace of mind attracts more consumers to LPG

Safety, control, convenience and ease-of-use are influential considerations when attracting consumers to LPG. The GasStop valve effectively satisfies these criteria.

Gas Stop Europe has positioned itself as both a manufacturer and as an educator in gas safety. The primary company remit is to attract more people to LPG, removing any unfounded concerns the consumer may have.

Providing peace of mind enables the end user to embrace the many benefits of LPG, allowing them to fully enjoy their motorhomes, heaters, grills, boats and more.

Testing innovation

Right from its inception, Gas Stop Europe has invested in testing and QC improvement. This longterm investment has culminated in GasStop’s most robust testing process ever. Every single GasStop is indelibly marked with a unique QR code, the valve is then scanned and tested, all test data is managed and stored digitally.

This quality approach ensures that each and every valve produced leaves the factory tested – with evidence. The complete digitisation of the process ensures improved accuracy and full traceability.

Gas Stop Europe BV in Brief

Safeguarding millions of LPG systems around the world will inevitably enhance the users end experience. In turn this will allow and encourage consumers to enjoy the numerous positive benefits of a convenient, efficient, portable energy source.

By working with the WLPGA and its members, and by continuing to develop an infallible approach to safety, education and quality, Gas Stop Europe BV intends to help grow and improve the sector, opening the door to consumers who have historically been hesitant to use LPG.

GasStop, Safety First.