Continuing the Cooperation – WLPGA and AEGPL sign a new three year MOU

On 6th May 2013 the WLPGA signed a three year MOU with member organisation, the European LPG Association (AEGPL).

The MOU covers cooperation between the WLPGA and the AEGPL until the end of 2016 in the areas of technical support, Autogas and management of the annual European LPG Congress.

This MOU renews an ongoing agreement between WLPGA and AEGPL that was established in 2008. The aim of the agreement is to improve cooperation between the two organisations in order to improve overall efficiency and generate greater value for the industry and the members of each association, many of whom are common to both.

According to James Rockall, cooperation with the AEGPL brings many benefits to the WLPGA:

  • Europe is increasingly becoming the world’s regulator, with European technical standards and regulations being used as models in other regions. Effective industry lobbying at a European level is therefore in the interest of all our non-European members.
  • WLPGA counts over 60 member companies in Europe and therefore a strong European association is important for our European members.
  • As a non-profit organisation, cost reductions through improved synergy with the AEGPL will be passed on directly to the membership in terms of greater investment in industry-wide activities.

Left to right: James Rockall, CEO and Managing Director, WLPGA and Samuel Maubanc, General Manager, European LPG Association   For more details on the AEGPL visit