WLPGA Member Focus – CGH GROUP

CGH GROUP has the biggest petrol and industrial storage tank production factory in Europe and is a key player on the market since more than 25 years. Having a tank production in Poland and South Africa with sales offices in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, CGH supplies storage tanks from North to South Pole. The key of their success lies in a combination of high production capacity combined with consistent top quality.

CGH GROUP expertise is found in the production of double wall tanks built to EN12285-1 and 2 with capacity and compartments tailored to customer specifications. Underground tanks can be strapped to a speed chassis to allow for easy installation. Every storage tank can be equipped with a wet or a dry leak detection system.

Over the last few years CGH GROUP has been witnessing a significant increase in the demand of alternative fuel tanks.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks (LPG) have been the most important alternative tanks. The increase of business in this sector with tanks as well as with CGH’s LPG-Flex® pipes has been the main reason to join the WLPGA organisation. Through their network of LPG professionals, CGH are keen to get increased visibility and assist worldwide companies by suppling customised LPG tanks and LPG-Flex® pipes.

CGH GROUP has the skills and know-how to manufacture LPG tanks up to 250 m³ that can be used at service stations or for big terminal storage facilities.

Next to their LPG tanks, CGH GROUP can also supply their unique LPG-Flex® pipes which make their customer’s entire LPG installation comply to the most modern rules and safety requirements.

Mostly in Africa but also in Europe, they receive inquiries for container stations in different sizes and shapes and also for those types where the tanks, together with the dispenser and genset rooms, are fitted fit inside a standard 20 ft or 40 ft HC container.

A brand-new concept developed by the CGH GROUP is the Compact station. In contrast to the container stations, the compact stations are installed underground and cannot be moved. These stations are fully pre-assembled in our factory with piping, filling chamber and dispenser connections already included. As such, compact stations are the most cost-efficient answer for major oil companies’ need to quickly increase their retail network in vibrant cities or along more remote country roads.

Each and every of the above tanks, container stations or compact stations is delivered with a tank passport with material certificates, leak tightness test reports, technical drawings, theoretical calibration tables per compartment and warranty certificates.

For more information you may contact: Bruno Crets, Sales Director CGH at