At 8%+ CAGR, Dimethyl Ether Market to exceed $14bn by 2025

Product demand in North America will grow with a healthy CAGR over the forecast period. Aerosol propellant industry and LPG blending will fuel the product demand in the region over the forecast period. As per the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), aerosol product production in North America was over 4.2 billion units in 2015 and projected to grow with a steady growth rate during the forecast period. In addition, according to the statistics presented by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) for the year 2015, the U.S. was ranked 1st in the global LPG production as well as consumption in the same year. This presented significant demand aspects for dimethyl ether owing to its use in LPG blending.