26 November 2015

Ultragaz – Everyone’s a Winner!

WLPGA Member and Council Member Ultragaz held their annual Diamond Dealers Meeting in Sao Paolo this...
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24 November 2015

The Cavagna Group’s Propane-Fueled Greengear Products have been chosen for the Care of the most Beautiful Gardens in Europe

Villa Carlotta, the most popular historic mansion and museum on Lake Como, has chosen Greengear outd...
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20 November 2015

Captain Bernardo Herzer and Lehr Win Innovation Award

WLPGA congratulates member LEHR who have won the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award 2015. The P...
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02 November 2015

LPG, One of Us

LPG is an extraordinary energy source which is more part of our daily lives than we think: cooking,...
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28 October 2015

Exclusive Interview with New WLPGA President Mr Yağiz Eyüboğlu

Mr. Eyüboğlu, many thanks on taking the time to speak to us and congratulations on becoming Presid...
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27 October 2015

The 28th World LPG Forum took place in Singapore last month

The 28th World LPG Forum took place in September at the Suntec in Singapore. The series of events of...
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27 October 2015

WLPGA retains its Observer Status to IOPCF and the HNS Convention until 2018

WLPGA Director David Tyler attended meetings at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headqu...
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19 October 2015

Overview of Main Automotive Emissions

What are the main air pollutants emitted by cars and trucks? Automotive emissions have long been a...
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09 October 2015

Amid commodity crisis, LPG emerges as accidental bright-spot 09-Oct-2015

•    Biggest growth seen in India •    Vietnam and Philippines also see strong growth ...
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21 September 2015

WLPGA Member Focus – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA)

For more than 25 years, ISA has been inventing and designing products for the telemetry and remote m...
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10 September 2015

Singapore – What’s Hot?

Make the most of your time in Singapore and find out what are the top ten unmissable sights. Gard...
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25 August 2015

Autogas News from Repsol First off-road vehicle powered by this alternative fuel competed in a major rally in Spain

WLPGA member and Industry Council member Repsol took on a new challenge by participating in the myth...
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25 August 2015

The LP Gas Safety Association of South Africa Has a New Home … and Enhanced Training Facilities

WLPGA member LPGSASA recently moved into its new premises and is now located at 4 Kya Sands Road in...
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07 August 2015

Autogas-Powered Car Crash Test

There are 25 million cars running on LPG worldwide, including 13 million in Europe alone. Are they s...
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27 July 2015

WLPGA Member Focus – Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries is well known globally for portable propane cylinders for industrial, commerc...
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21 July 2015

Lehr CEO: The Leader Solving the Green Boating Problem

Captain Bernardo Herzer, CEO of Lehr is passionate about clean solutions in the marine industry. Thi...
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15 July 2015

South Australia Aims to Increase Use of Gas for Transport and Heavy Machinery

A South Australian Government working group will develop a framework for increased use of gaseous fu...
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08 July 2015

Autogas – How Dangerous is it Really?

Like with all cars, safety is a major concern. A crash with ensuing fire is the worst of nightmares,...
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29 June 2015

2015 AEGPL Congress in Berlin

In May 2015, the AEGPL Congress brought together more than 1,500 professionals from across the...
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29 June 2015

WLPGA Member Focus – Sensile Technologies

Sensile Technologies is active in the M2M (machine –to-machine) market and is a leading provider o...
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17 June 2015

Large Fleet Converted to Autogas

The largest LPG retailer in the United States has operated fleet vehicles with the fuel it sells f...
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29 May 2015

DCC Energy agrees to acquire Butagaz, a leading LPG business in France, for €464 million (£338 million)

CC plc announces that DCC Energy has made a binding offer to acquire Butagaz, a LPG business in...
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26 May 2015

After Six Years, PERC can Resume Consumer Education

WLPGA member, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) learned in April that its consumer...
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05 May 2015

The Fourth International LPG Conference was held in Poland on 16th April 2015.

The Polish LPG Association (POGP) once again had the pleasure of hosting representatives of the LPG...
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