19 July 2016

Poten & Partners joins the WLPGA

Poten & Partners joined the WLPGA in June this year. They are a US-based company that has been p...
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29 June 2016

International Energy Agency Promotes LPG in New Report

The International Energy Agency (IEA) just published a World Energy Outlook special report that high...
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29 June 2016

Propane Exhibit at the National Museum of Industrial History to Open August 2nd

Press Release For Immediate Release Rita Pecilunas 630/325-8910   A Vision Re...
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29 June 2016

WLPGA Member Focus – Omera Petroleum Ltd

Omera joined WLPGA in April 2016 and is the first member to come from Bangladesh. WLPGA spoke to Mr...
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24 June 2016

Platinum Perspective – Paul Ladner, Vice-President Marketing, UGI International

  Forum Voice: Thank you for taking the time to talk to Forum Voice. Could you tell us wh...
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09 June 2016

Madrid Encourages the Conversion to Autogas of 1,000 Cars

The Community of Madrid will launch a scrappage scheme to encourage the conversion of 1,000 private...
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09 June 2016

Mexico Supports Adoption of LPG-Powered Vehicles

Drivers in Mexico can now acquire new vehicles, convert them to Autogas, and still keep the original...
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31 May 2016

Member Focus – Premier Fosters Australia Pty

WLPGA spoke to Geoffrey Sloanne Foster, CEO and Founder of Premier Fosters Australia Pty who gave an...
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28 April 2016

Member Focus – Compac Industries

Compac Industries joined WLPGA in January 2016 and is a welcome new member. Compac has been opera...
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28 April 2016

WLPGA attends HNS Meetings in London

The WLPGA attended meetings in London during April as an observer to the discussions on the HNS Co...
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14 April 2016

Nearly 10,000 Cars Encouraged to Switch to Clean Fuels in Northern India

Residents will breathe a lot easier as 9,216 vehicles, including 15-year-old petrol vehicles and 10-...
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14 April 2016

U.S. Coast-to-Coast Educational Trip with LPG Converted Vehicle

Alliance AutoGas’ Bi-Fuel 2016 3.5 Litre Ford F-150 is now set to embark on a 5,500 mile 12-city ...
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01 April 2016

HNS … All You Need To Know

David Tyler, WLPGA Director, answers questions on the HNS Convention and why it is of major importan...
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31 March 2016

Italy: Incentives for Autogas Conversions

1,8 million euros is the total amount of funds allocated by the Environment Ministry to encourage th...
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31 March 2016

Spanish Giant Energy Firm Renews Fleet with 180 Autogas Cars

Opel has delivered 180 Insignia vehicles to Repsol to renew their commercial fleet. This version fea...
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22 March 2016

WLPGA Member Focus – Athelia Solutions

Athelia is dedicated to the application of innovative technologies in the transformation of indu...
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17 March 2016

Nestlé Waters Expands Autogas Fleet with 155 New Trucks

Environmental stewardship is the main reason Nestlé Waters North America is adding more than 150 me...
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11 March 2016

First tri-fuel delivery system installed on a Ford F-350

Niyato Industries Inc. announced its latest advancement: the first-ever Tri-Fuel system – a Ford F...
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25 February 2016

HNS Convention Brochure

WLPGA has participated in a Correspondence Group to develop a new six-page brochure that has been pu...
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25 February 2016

WLPGA Training for LPG Managers – Indonesia February 2016

WLPGA held a three day International LPG Manager Training programme, together with site visits of so...
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18 February 2016

DHL Deploys LPG-Powered Truck Fleet in Memphis, Tennessee

The world’s leading international express services provider announced that it moved into a new ser...
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12 February 2016

New Collaboration Introduces Autogas Vehicle in Spanish Race Competition

The CEO of DISA Gas, Santiago Rull, and team manager of Copi Sport, Fernando Capdevila, have signed...
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10 February 2016

Opel Announces The Production of a New LPG Car Model

Opel announced the Karl is now available with LPG from factory. This three-cylinder engine vehicle o...
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29 January 2016

Galp Strengthens LPG Refuelling Station Network in Spain

The energy company has opened a new Autogas station, located on the N-V. Highway, a strategic and im...
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