28 August 2018

The Voice of Davide Cavagna, CEO, Cavagna Group, Italy and WLPGA Vice-President

The Voice spoke with Davide Cavagna, CEO, Cavagna Group, Italy and WLPGA Vice-President, to hear hi...
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16 August 2018

Spain: Autogas vehicle sales increase fivefold in the first semester

The registrations of vehicles powered by LPG have increased fivefold in the first seme...
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10 August 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC)

This month's Member Focus is dedicated to Kuwaiti based WLPGA member Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (...
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03 July 2018

Argus Analysis: Mexican fuel thieves find new ways

Fuel thieves in Mexico look to have developed relatively sophisticated methods to steal LPG fro...
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25 June 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – ISA Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal, is the IoT company for oil...
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05 June 2018

US Butane Exports Surge

The US to Asia-Pacific price arbitrage for spot butane between Mont Belvieu, Texas, and the Argus F...
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15 May 2018

Increasing alternative fuel vehicles on Los Angeles highways

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) launched the Metro ExpressLanes...
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05 April 2018

The Voice of Rob Donaldson, Sr Vice President, Targa Resources

The Voice spoke with Rob Donaldson, Sr Vice President, Targa Resources to hear his thoughts and goal...
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24 March 2018

Winter Olympics 2018

Korea ITO Co Limited, the South Korean subsidiary of the ITO Corporation was delighted to be a p...
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22 March 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – Alystech

Alystech is a French company founded at the end of 2016 by three partners, one of whom is a comp...
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20 March 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – Hexagon Ragasco

  Hexagon Ragasco became a member of the WLPGA in 2005. Trusted by businesses and consume...
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08 March 2018

WINLPG India attend LPG Panchayat organised at Rashtrapati Bhavan in the presence of Hon’ble President of India

Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India addressing the LPG Panchayat. Mr. Dharmendra...
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15 February 2018

New platform offers smart Autogas refuelling in South Korea

South Korea’s LPG importer E1 Corp. has launched a pilot service of its connected car commerce pla...
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31 January 2018

Government of Malta allocates €1.8 million to promote alternative fuel vehicles

A total of €1.8 million has been allocated by the government to cover various schemes aimed at inc...
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12 January 2018

DCC Energy Agrees to Acquire Shell’s LPG Business in Hong Kong and Macau

WLPGA IC member, DCC plc, the leading international sales, marketing and business support services g...
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09 January 2018

Spanish Autogas Market Closed 2017 with 8,000 New Vehicles

During 2017 Autogas market registered nearly 4,000 registrations, 4,000 conversions and a historic i...
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08 December 2017

The Voice of Santiago Pérez – Managing Director of AOGLP

The Voice spoke with Santiago Pérez, Managing Director of AOGLP to hear his thoughts and goals for...
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06 November 2017

Exclusive interview with new WLPGA President Mr Pedro Jorge Filho

Mr. Jorge Filho, many thanks on taking the time to speak to us and congratulations on becoming Presi...
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09 October 2017

The Voice of Alejandro Martínez Villegas – President of Gasnova

The Voice spoke with Alejandro Martínez Villegas, President of GASNOVA to hear his thoughts and goa...
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30 August 2017

The Voice of Nathalie St-Pierre – President and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association

The Voice spoke with newly appointed president and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association, Nathalie...
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30 June 2017

Argus Analysis: Petredec Plans South Africa Terminal

  LPG trading and logistical firm Petredec has signed an agreement with South African te...
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29 June 2017

HNS – Latest News

IMO celebrates 50 years of government and industry working together Norway becomes the first...
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14 June 2017

WLPGA Member Focus – Afriquia Gaz

  Afriquiagaz is a WLPGA member since 1997. Afriquia Gaz has the highest storage capa...
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22 May 2017

The Voice of Ricardo Tonietto, President of AIGLP

Ricardo Tonietto has been named as the new President of AIGLP and WLPGA took the opportunity to spea...
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