In the Press

15 December 2015

Changing the LPG Industry: Women in LPG

Women have never been in a stronger position to lead, change and shape the economic, social... Read more

14 December 2015

Natural Gas Engagement a Hot Topic at World LPG Forum

Opportunities resulting from the historical low price of LPG and suggestions that world LPG industry... Read more

07 December 2015

The 28th World LPG Forum Wrapped up in Singapore

The 28th World LPG Forum took place in September at the SUNTEC in Singapore. The... Read more

30 November 2015

“Expanding Horizons” Forum Highlights

The theme of the 2015 World LPG Forum was “Expanding Horizons” and the focus of... Read more

23 October 2015

South-East Asia’s First Independent

The WLPGA members and experts of the LPG sector from around the globe discussed ways... Read more

21 October 2015

The 28th World LPG Forum – from Asia with love

The World LPG Forum is the most important of all the major LPG-related events. This... Read more

18 September 2015

LPG: Increasing the Energy Options Benefitting Women Worldwide

WLPGA was invited to be guest editor of the LPG issue of Energia’s newsletter. Alison... Read more

17 September 2015

LPG Fuel Direct Injection for Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

Repsol and AVL have carried out tests on a turbocharged direct-injection 1.4-l gasoline engine that... Read more

09 September 2015

Global Technology Conference to Highlight Technical LPG Innovations

The Global Technology Conference (GTC) provides an opportunity for companies, research institutes, educational establishments, and... Read more

07 August 2015

WINLPG: a New Global Network for the World LPG Association

There is an opportunity for the global LPG industry to take medium and long term... Read more

07 August 2015

Expanding Horizons – The World LPG Forum: it’s happening in the hub!

Travelling the globe each year the World LPG FOrum united the full LPG global industry... Read more

07 August 2015

Exceptional Energy in Action

As the authoritative voice of the LPG industry, the World LPG Association strives to lead... Read more