In the Press

04 July 2018

The Future of LPG promising toward the age of renewable energy to come in mid of the 21st century!

The interview took place between Mr Michael Kelly, WLPGA Deputy Managing Director, and Mr. M.... Read more

19 June 2018

Captain Bernardo Herzer is a Pioneer of Marine Applications for Propane (LPG) Worldwide

Captain Bernardo Herzer, Chairman, and Founder of LEHR has a passion for creating applications for... Read more

07 June 2018

Indoor air pollution is deadly. Here’s an unconventional solution

Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed how many lives are impacted by air... Read more

30 May 2018

Curbing Price Setting in Cooking Gas Market

With the anti-competitive tendencies of some operators in the liquefied petroleum gas sub-sector, the price... Read more

27 May 2018

Elite Petrochemical launches first private-sector LPG project in Myanmar

Elite Petrochemical Co launched its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Terminal and Port Facility at the... Read more

25 May 2018

LPG: Bright prospects but growth constraints

The LPG market is poised to boom but is being hampered by infrastructure constraints and... Read more

18 May 2018

DCC’s draw to the US propane market

DCC’s initial push into the U.S. propane market represents a “logical business evolution” for the... Read more

09 May 2018

Doowe Gas, THLD Group sign agreement to promote autogas fuel in Nigeria

Doowe Gas – Nigeria's largest online retailer for cooking gas (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinders, LPG... Read more

03 May 2018

LPG Leaders meet for the first time in Beirut to empower the sector in the region

Beirut, April 26, 2018: Under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers... Read more

22 March 2018

LPG Faces & Places: March 2018

Take a look at some photos from recent LPG related events, including the National Propane... Read more

23 January 2018

“Autogas fleet has grown by 19% in the past 5 years.” Q&A with the WLPGA

Cécile Nourigat, Autogas Manager at the World LPG Association, spoke to PetrolPlaza about the global... Read more

13 December 2017

Nigeria LPG market needs discipline, maturity to attract investors

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market in Nigeria, which experts say is about a $10billion... Read more