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21 January 2021

LPG as a Marine Fuel: A Pathway to Decarbonisation

According to Seaways The International Journal of The Nautical Institute, in 2018, International Maritime Organization (IMO)... Read more

13 October 2020

Why Autogas Could help us all Breathe More Easily

Air quality is an issue for cities throughout the world, with low- and middle-income countries... Read more

13 October 2020

Why is the switch to gas for cooking still so slow in Africa?

The latest estimates from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation put the number of... Read more

05 September 2020

Plotting the path through the energy transition

The current COVID-19 crisis is a game changer for everyone and that includes the energy... Read more

14 February 2020

‘Innovate or die’: Propane industry fights for survival in a low-carbon future

The propane industry is engaging much more directly in the conversation about how to address... Read more

30 January 2020

LPG to be Used as a Marine Fuel in the Shipping Industry

Moreover, the World LPG Association (WLPGA) made clear that LPG will play a major role... Read more

03 December 2019

FG to revamp refineries for improved LPG production as import rises

Deputy Managing Director, World LPG Association (WLPGA), Michael Kelly, said the organisation would support the... Read more

11 October 2019

Could driving with LPG be key to reducing air pollution?

The LPG industry says their fuel should be considered as a tool in the toolbox,... Read more

11 October 2019

Could Driving With Propane Be The Key To Reducing Air Pollution?

The LPG industry says their fuel should be considered as a tool in the toolbox,... Read more

04 October 2019

Authority needs to reign in rogue gas firms

In its Guidelines for Good Business Practices in the LPG Industry, the World LPG Association... Read more

09 July 2019

Stakeholders reminded on LPG Safety Management

The promotion of safety should be prioritised in any country. This was said in Dar... Read more

24 June 2019

What are the factors driving the Dimethyl Ether Market trends by 2025?

As per the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), aerosol product production in North America was... Read more