Key Market – Recommendation 2

Better positioning for development finance for energy projects in emerging markets

For decades, there has existed a wide range of bilateral and multilateral sources of development finance for energy projects, especially those that are low carbon alternatives to conventional systems, or ones which increase access to electricity.  We believe that the LPG sector could be better positioned for accessing some of this finance, given that the ‘fossil fuel’ label is likely to increasingly count against it unless addressed in the same way as described in 1 above.

We therefore recommend that the development and environmental benefits of LPG as a fuel be strongly developed and promoted to these institutions, most notably the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Inter-American Development Bank etc.  Much of the same material developed to better position the fuel for policymakers would be highly relevant for the development finance community also.

Priority:                 Medium/ high

Time-fame:             Short / medium-terms