Youth Council

 The WLPGA Youth Council was launched in May 2021. The Youth Council will serve to identify emerging leaders and bring the perspectives of young people to today’s senior industry leaders. The Council consists of a selected, representative group of young people from the WLPGA Industry Council, who are excited and eager to share their perspectives and experiences in their workplace, industry or community.  The Youth Council is led by two Co-Chairs who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Youth Council functions properly, and that it discusses those issues which it needs to address and pursues projects it may propose.  
The Youth Council is led by two Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs were elected by their fellow Youth Council members on 10th June 2021 and their role is to  effectively lead the group and also engage fellow members. The Co-Chairs are Priyanka Shaw, Indian Oil Corporation in India; and Mike Ferarri, Suburban Propane in the USA.