Safety and Good Business Practices

Simply Safety


One of the primary objectives of the WLPGA is to promote LPG as a safe and efficient fuel.


The WLPGA supports and encourages a complete health and safety culture within the LPG industry. This includes the wellbeing of everyone involved in the business, from staff to consumers.

Welcome to the WLPGA’s #SimplySafety campaign, where safety, health and wellbeing  take centre stage in the LPG industry. The #SimplySafety campaign features thought leadership articles, testimonials from Safety Ambassadors around the world and inspiring safety, health and wellbeing stories. The campaign also draws from our extensive library of Good Industry Practices, filled with invaluable best practice advice on diverse topics such as consumer safety, cylinder management, and bulk road tanker management.

Join the WLPGA and our members in bringing safety, health and wellbeing to the forefront of the LPG industry through this awareness campaign. Connect with us on Twitter @WorldLPGAssoc, and together, let’s spread the word and make safety, health and wellbeing a shared priority using #SimplySafety on social media.


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Simply Safety

Safety and Good Business Practices


The absence or lack of adherence to generally accepted good industry practices (both safety and business) undermines the safe and sustainable development of LPG markets and discourages investment. The WLPGA has developed a comprehensive library of Guidelines for Good Business Practices and Good Safety Practices, the Guides are all freely available. WLPGA works with member organisations to disseminate key messages and influence operators and governments wherever possible and uses these guides as the basis for safety workshops around the world.

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