LPG is the ideal fuel for a wide range of power generation applications, from small backup generators to large scale power plants. LPG is increasingly used in homes, businesses, hospitals, and for mobile generators to provide efficient, reliable and clean power. As governments are looking to replace polluting coal, diesel or heavy oil plants, LPG offers a cost-efficient alternative and low emissions alternative for areas that are not connected to the natural gas grid.

Local Power

LPG power plants can be set up close to where energy is needed, thus avoiding energy loss over power lines. Virtually every KW/H produced is a KW/H used.

Reliable power

LPG can be stored on-site thus increasing up-time.

Available power

The infrastructure to grow LPG for power generation will already be in place.

LPG: A perfect partner for renewable energy

LPG can provide

Consistent, stable power baseload regardless of weather conditions.

LPG does not degrade

It is consistent and reliable. LPG can be used as a clean back-up energy.

LPG can deliver

Modern, low emission power

LPG can back up commercial solar systems

Which store solar-heated water with thermal efficiencies greater than 95%

Hybrid systems

Are already attracting annual, global investment of more than $200 Billion and are commercially viable today

With hybrids

Fuel volumes are lower and existing LPG infrastructure can often be used – natural Gas/LNG systems need infrastructure to be developed, adding to cost.

LPG for Power Generation in Motion

WLPGA in Action

Studies & Reports

WLPGA has published several reports on the potential of power generation for power generation

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Promoting Innovation

The Global Technology Conference has actively focused on promoting innovation in LPG powered power generation technology

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Policy Outreach

The WLPGA has been very active in promoting the use of LPG for both small and large-scale power generation

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Exceptional Energy Case Studies