Autogas, LPG as a transport fuel, is the most common unblended alternative vehicle fuel used in the world today

Driving an Autogas vehicle is safe, easy and, in many countries, considerably cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Autogas also emits less CO2 and pollutant emissions such as NOx.

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 Vehicles running on Autogas emit far less of the harmful emissions associated with environmental and health problems, compared to conventional fuels.

On average, compared to petrol,
driving on autogas emits

Calculated on a wheel-to-wheel basis

On average, compared to diesel,
driving on autogas emits

Calculated on a wheel-to-wheel basis


Autogas is the number one unblended alternative fuel in the world and over 25 countries around the world promote its use.


Autogas is a safe alternative fuel that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and insoluble in water. Fuelling with Autogas is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel.

Ready for tomorrow

New Autogas-electric hybrids and engine technology ensure that Autogas is ready for the future.

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