WINLPG Ambassadors

Khin Sandar Tun Managing Director Awra Trading Co Ltd, Yangon, Myanmar

‘The role of women is crucial and is beyond primary caretaker of children and elderly. As gender balance is important in every society and sector, WINLPG is taking initiative to empower women for the worldwide LPG industry to achieve its commitment of bringing together women and men for development of LPG, both worldwide and in my country Myanmar.

Marrianne Groeneveld-Klunder, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), SHV Energy

“As a strong supporter of diversity, I’m honoured to support and engage with this important network within the industry. Energising and motivating available talent across organisations is key to our sector’s future. Looking forward to collaborate with WINLPG to gather diverse perspectives, and encouraging others to get involved too.”

Walter M. Hart, Ph.D., P.E. Vice President & Chief Strategist, Natural Gas Liquids, IHS Markits

Richenda Van Leeuwen

Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute


Paula Frigerio, Chief Innovation and Development Officer, Abastible, Chile


AIGLP supports all diversity in our industry and welcomes the activities of this important network. We are delighted to be part of the Ambassador support group and look forward to welcoming WINLPG activities in Latin America.


”We at Calor feel it is important to improve access and conditions for women installers, to ensure a growing female presence in the industry and equality for those working in the sector and Calor is on hand to help at every step of the journey. Visit and follow @CalorInstaller on Twitter.”


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