Changing the face of the industry

Gender balance in the LPG industry is not optimised and WLPGA is in a unique position to start to make a change. This change is to be driven by WINLPG. WINLPG is a global network that will recommend actions and activities as part of the WLPGA strategic planning process to address this issue.
To discover what 2019 holds for WINLPG download the WINLPG Charter 2019.


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Woman & Young Woman of the Year Award

The Woman of the Year 2019 Award was attributed to: Pam Indurjeeth, from Oryx Oil South Africa and the Young Woman of the Year 2019 Award was attributed to: Priyanka Shaw, Indian Oil Corporation.

WINLPG National Chapters

WINLPG National Chapters enable a far wider outreach for the network. If you are interested in launching a National Chapter in your country please contact Nikki Brown, WINLPG Global Coordinator.

  • Colombia
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • United States of America
  • South Africa
  • Myanmar
The WINLPG Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are individuals, or companies, who simply pledge to support the network and our goals and lend their image or voice to the work of the network. If you are interested in joining this group of LPG leaders in voicing your support of our network please contact Nikki Brown.

WINLPG Role Models

We all need successful individuals to motivate and encourage us to succeed. The library of WINLPG Role Models library is a valuable source of stories from successful women in their industry – take a moment to read their advice and learn from their fascinating stories.

Gaphics Toolkit

We have put together a comprehensive toolkit of graphic elements for you to use in any communication – logos, banners, email signatures, powerpoint presentations and more are all freely available for you to download and use (the toolkit will be available soon).

WINLPG 2020 Action Plan

WINLPG is more than just a network! We have a defined set of measurable business goals that we take pride in achieving each year. The WINLPG Annual Action Plan is revised each year to outline the business goals of the network and advise members on our history, our governance and those important goals for the year. The 2020 Action Plan will be published in a few days.