Guidelines and Good Practices

Guidelines and Good Practices

The Covid 19 crisis has a direct impact on LPG industry operations. The Guidelines and Good Practices advisory topic aims to give members access to the most current information needed to continue operations while protecting both personnel and customers.

WLPGA member Daly Cylinder is now producing masks to address the Covid-19 crisis

WLPGA member Daly Cylinder in now producing masks to address the Covid 19 crisis. They have a mask producing line and the capacity is 500000pcs/day. 

Their LPG cylinders are also on sale as before.  

They  are manufacturing masks that adhere to China GB standard, CE certificate and FDA certificate. They also provide surgical gown & respirators                        

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidance for Critical Workers Potentially Exposed to COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) recently published new guidance tailored to critical workers

Information on Covid-19 and work health and safety from the Australian government

Australia is continuing to closely monitor the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Cases of the COVID-19 virus are increasing in Australia and the situation is changing rapidly.

COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness from The Department of Employment & Labour of South Africa

The South African government have produced this guidelines to workplace preparedness and risk assessment in relation to the COVID-19 Crisis. Whilst this is not a specific LPG related guide it nevertheless offers good, solid advice and is an excellent best practice example of guidelines at national level

The value of using soap and water to wash cylinders

This document has been produced by DST Chemicals who is the detergent supplier to Makeen, our Industry Council member, who manufacture LPG filling plants. Makeen suggested that the document validates the use of soap and water to wash cylinders as an important way to keep the coronavirus at bay

Good Industry Practices – Advisory Notice

WLPGA Good Industry Practices – Advisory Notice – Coronavirus: LPG Filling Plants and the Distribution Channel – Some Precautions to take during the Pandemic

Covid-19 Safety Alert


Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) Covid 19 Safety Alert

WHO Advice


The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued advice on how to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic

LPG Global Importance

WLPGA presentation: The importance of LPG in the world 2020

LPG Disaster Relief


Arahata Consulting presentation: LPG at the Time of Disaster: How It Works in Case of Emergency